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A note from Capt. Matt on Florida's coastal water conditions.... 

Clients despite our current costal water conditions in SW Florida, fishing is still good or even great in some areas. Bookings are low and tourism is next to nothing right now. so, I ask for all my clients and future clients to reach out to me and book a fishing charter. Efforts have been doubled to find clean water and it is holding big hungry fish.

Our community has stepped up to make a difference in our water quality. SW Florida will get through this.


I would like to go ahead and thank clients: Jay and Lizzy Longtin, Jake Dorn, Mike Sawyer and Bruce Churton for sticking it out and having some great days on the water with me. We've caught numerous snook, bruiser jack carvels and juvenile tarpon.


Book a charter - enjoy the clean water 



Capt. Matt DeAngelis


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